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Client Reviews

Other than firsthand experience, peer reviews are a great way to understand how a company operates. 
(All names have been removed to protect the identity of our insured & clients.

Our first review is from a satisfied insured written to our Account Manager.

Account Manager,

I am so grateful for YOU being YOU!  Your willingness to help and go above and beyond to help me has been such a relief to me during this difficult time.  I am lost in decisions, doctors appointments, and all that implies, and you are always so friendly, helpful and kind.  I hope everyone knows how much you care.

Your employer should be grateful for a person like you to represent them.  I have felt embarrassed and felt annoying during this deal with some, but never you.  You are patient.  You answer every question I have and never make me feel uncomfortable.  When someone is struggling and scared, they need people like you to make them feel hopeful and that is what you have done for me.

Thank you so very much,

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Our following reviews are from satisfied clients and taken directly from their letters of recommendations.
(Actual letters of recommendations can and will be sent upon request.)

Signed - President of a company with multiple location and a large number of employees. 

"I would like to express my appreciation for the quality of approach, recommendation, and service that Cody Freeman and his team at BeneFITs@work has brought to our company.  Having a diverse and multi-location business creates a few extra hurdles for general operations.  So, when it comes to rolling out employee benefits, any change in products or services can be met with additional challenges.  Even with those challenges the BeneFITs@work team have continued to give exceptional service to all the employees within our corporation..."

Signed - Director of Human Resources of a non-profit organization

"It's with great pleasure that I recommend Cody Freeman and his team at BeneFits@work.  He worked diligently and steadfast to come up with creative ways to save our organization money, time and resources.  He was creative and strategic in his plan for our benefits package by helping save our non-profit money without sacrificing quality medical plans.  Cody and his team has worked to consistently provide the best service and care for the needs of our staff and agency..."

Signed - CFO of a  large school district with thousands of employees. 

"I would like to acknowledge the work and effort that Benefits@Work bring to the process of voluntary benefits and enrollment services...Mr. Freeman's agency and process far exceeded my expectations. They provide timely solutions to issues, policies that can be customized to your organization, and they take on much of the process without interfering with the day to day operations..."

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