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Strategic Process
A.S.E. (Analysis, Strategy, Education)

Analysis & Strategy


Introduction Meeting

Well before an analysis is done, or a strategy is formed, we have an introduction meeting to discuss your ideal benefits plan, including budgets, as well as discuss BeneFITs@work and how we operate.  Although only an introduction meeting, it will set the stage for our formal analysis, and strategy.  This meeting usually only last a hour, depending on company size, plan features, etc.


Once we've retained all relevant information in our introductory meeting, our team performs a thorough analysis of your current benefits strategy.  This allows us to learn if your current plan has any performance shortfalls, and to uncover any potential cost savings.  

Strategy Meeting

During the strategy meeting we will discuss all the findings of our analysis.  We will provide a thorough side by side comparison of your current benefits strategy compared to what we can provide.  Cost savings, plan performance, enrollment and 


Enrollment Solutions


With a customized strategy in place, our team effectively communicates the plans features & advantages with your employees.  

Open Enrollment

During Open Enrollment is when the value in our service really starts to kick in.  We go from a service provider to your employees trusted professional for their entire family's long-term needs and goals.  Experiences like these lead employees to feel comfortable they are making sound decisions for their personal lives, and more gratitude toward their employer for extending these services. 

Employee Education & Guidance

We understand that each person has a unique set of circumstances and we're trained to asked the right questions.  We provide proper guidance so that your employees have confidence their financial future is in the right hands.  


Monitoring & Support

Well after open enrollment we...

  • Provide benchmarking support to drive plan success.

  • Conduct periodic reviews of service providers to ensure service and performance standards are being met.

  • Perform yearly detailed cost-benefit analysis

  • Continue to support your business and your employees throughout the year by making ourselves available 24/7 to answer questions, discuss options, etc., etc., etc.,

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